Thanksgiving Favorites – Dog Edition

Thanksgiving Day! A time of togetherness spent enjoying family, friends, food, and football. And a day when many four-legged family members get a little extra spoiled. Today we’re meeting up with Evergreen Natural Pet’s own Ariel and Koa to discuss their favorite things about Thanksgiving and what they are thankful for this year.

Evergreen Natural Pet: Thanks for meeting up today pups. Let’s dig into this month’s hot topic. Are you excited about Thanksgiving?

Ariel: Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?! Especially when all my people show up and everyone is in the kitchen. Someone is sure to drop something!

Evergreen Natural Pet: What are you thankful for this year?

Koa: I’m thankful for all the fun adventures I get to have!

Ariel: I’m thankful for my furever family!

Evergreen Natural Pet: Those are both great things to be thankful for! Let’s talk about the food…Any favorites?

Koa: All human food sounds good to me! And the holidays mean more scrumptious snacks under the table.

Ariel: Well, as you know, I have a sensitive tummy so I should be careful under the dinner table but it’s just so hard. I do like pumpkin though and yams, oh and carrots (but not the hard kind). And I love the turkey and mashed potatoes. My tummy is growling just thinking about it all!

Evergreen Natural Pet: How about Thanksgiving traditions? Any good ones? 

Koa: I was never a big fan of losing my spot on the couch to a crowd of people that show up once a year. They sit around yelling at the T.V. and honestly, I don’t understand what all the excitement is about…they’re not watching the Puppy Bowl! At some point though, everyone runs outside and throws the ball around. I do like that part when I get to play with them.

Ariel: My FAVORITE tradition has got to be the leaves! Piles and piles of leaves just waiting for me to rip through them. I’m super fast! You should see me take a mound of leaves and scatter them all over the yard. My owner loves it! I can tell by how excited they get when I do it. Best thing EVER!

Evergreen Natural Pet: It sounds like you are both an important part of your families’ celebrations! Wishing you both a very happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to have your parents check out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals made just for you!

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