About Us

Hi, I’m Matt, the founding member of Evergreen Natural Pet.  I started Evergreen Natural Pet with a simple idea; to provide supplements that help dogs live better lives that you can feel good about feeding, both for the well-being of your dog and the well-being of our environment.

To do that, I started with seeking a calming solution for our Rottweiler who had both dog aggression issues and separation anxiety. I noticed that many solutions on the market seemed either incomplete in their approach or they weren’t using enough of the supplements listed to truly matter (or both). When my neighbor heard about this, he asked if I could look into making a joint focused solution due to this same issue. The initial intent was simply to make solutions for my dog, my neighbor’s dog, and possibly the dogs of other close friends and family, but after seeing how confusing the supplement industry is, I saw an opportunity to create a better way, that focuses on creating complete solutions using quality supplements in quantities that mattered with a focus on bringing transparency to the customer. I have a background in dog nutrition working in the industry focused on veterinary dog diets. I learned a lot of things while working for a company that will not be named – both things to do and maybe even more importantly, what not to do. I learned the value of looking for research-backed solutions. That’s why every supplement we use has clinical trials backing its effectiveness for the purpose it’s being used. I learned that ingredients matter by asking pointed questions about certain ingredients. It always struck a nerve with me that when I started asking pointed questions about certain ingredients, the answers immediately got vague and there were attempts to change the subject. When starting Evergreen Natural Pet, I knew that I wanted to use ingredients we could be proud to talk about and be able to explain exactly why we use this specific ingredient.

With all Evergreen Natural Pet products, you’re getting a solution for your pet that has had every detail scrutinized. Every ingredient serves a purpose. There are no fillers. Organic ingredients are used to ensure there are no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers present in our treats. The supplements used have had their effectiveness supported in clinical trials.

All of our CBD is full spectrum, which brings me to another point… too many companies position CBD as a magical cure-all. There is a lot of promising research being done on CBD, but it is only part of the total solution used in our treats. It isn’t the focus of our treats (with the exception being Canna-MAX). Our treats are solution-oriented for specific concerns and CBD is simply part of our approach.

We aren’t “just another CBD company”.

Thank you.

Matt Edwards signature, Evergreen Natural Pet Founder
Matt Founder of Evergreen Natural Pet CBD Supplements for Dogs with Koa his rottweiler
Koa the Rottie inspired many of Evergreen Natural Pet's all natural CBD oil and CBD treats
A Variety of Evergreen Natural CBD Pet Products in the "wild"