10 tips for celebrating Christmas dog

The Holidays…a time for family, festivities and presents! But do your dogs get to join in on all the holiday fun? We asked Koa and Ariel and they gave us their top dos and don’ts to make it the best holiday for your fur babies.

  1. DO have individual stockings for each pup in your family and make sure to fill it to the brim with their favorite toys and treats. And of course that means some Evergreen Natural Pet products…because we deserve it!
  2. DON’T take us to see Santa unless you know we are ok with strangers and social situations. Some of us, especially rescues, can be a little uneasy in these settings. I know you want to document our cuteness, but do it in the comfort of our own home if you aren’t sure how we will handle meeting Santa for the first time.
  3. DO spend your time off giving us extra walks and love. Christmas lights, snow and all the smells! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we are so excited to enjoy it with you!
  4. DON’T forget to help us dress for the weather. Sweaters and booties really help those of us in colder climates make the most of our outdoor adventures. 
  5. DO know your closest emergency vet and have the number handy just in case. The holidays are oh so fun, but sometimes we can get ourselves into trouble with all the tasty treats, toy-looking things hanging from the tree, and everything else that brings Christmas cheer.
  6. DON’T give a pet as a Christmas gift UNLESS the receiving party is ready and capable to add a furever addition to their family. We are pretty darn cute, but we can be a lot sometimes – even for the most responsible pet parents.
  7. DO adopt from a shelter or rescue if you are adding to your family this Christmas. You can give a homeless animal the best gift of all….a furever family!
  8. DON’T leave chocolates or other treats out with us unattended. I know we’re not supposed to eat them, but they just look so good we can’t help ourselves sometimes!
  9. DO consider donating to your favorite animal rescue or charity. If you don’t have one, contact our fur parents at Evergreen Natural Pet! Tell them Koa and Ariel told you to call and you need a recommendation in your area. 
  10. DON’T forget how much your pets love you and how thankful we are to be your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Koa, Ariel and the entire Evergreen Natural Pet Family

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