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Dogs in Costume – The Great Halloween Debate

Are dogs in costume happy? With the vast array of hilarious and adorable dog costumes available, it’s hard to imagine them not joining in on the fun! To shed light on this topic, we conducted an exclusive interview with Evergreen Natural Pet’s very own canine stars, Ariel and Koa. These two lovable dogs have differing opinions when it comes to Halloween, getting dressed up, and the sound of doorbells. Let’s dive into their perspectives and see what they have to say!

Evergreen Natural Pet: Today, we’re getting the lowdown on being all dressed up. Thanks for meeting me at the park, pups; it’s always best to debate on neutral ground, don’t you agree?

Ariel: This place smells like geese. 

Koa: Nothing better than a day at the park. I wore my new leather jacket. Did you bring treats?

Evergreen Natural Pet: Let’s jump right in. When it comes to Halloween costumes, are you for or against them?

Ariel: As you know, I’m a mixed-breed pup, so being adorable is literally what I do. I have SO many outfits, I have my own closet. So yes, I am definitely for getting all dolled up, having my picture plastered all over Instagram, and listening to everyone tell me how cute I am, which of course, I already know.

Koa: Kill me now. Where’s your dignity? I’m a dog. D- O- G dog. My job is to keep you safe from invaders, killer squirrels, and the UPS driver. I don’t need a uniform to feel important; as a matter of fact, if you try and stuff me into that ridiculous cow costume, I might decide your closet is for more than just your shoes, you get my drift? 

Evergreen Natural Pet: Sure do. So about those invaders, what are your thoughts on all the door traffic on Halloween?

Koa: I don’t like it. The doorbell goes off all night, and they expect a treat? What am I, chopped liver? I want a treat, too, but you don’t see me ringing your bell every 5 minutes looking for a handout. Just last year, my buddy Jeremy from across the street showed up looking like a Ninja. I knew it was him, I could smell him, but there he was, thinking he was fooling me. Ha. I’m not going to say that I was scared, but I can say that I didn’t appreciate it much. I like neighbor kid Jeremy way better than Ninja Jeremy.

Ariel: Well, since they are coming to see me anyway, I love it. Every time my people open the door, everyone yells, “Trick or Treat,” which I understand means, “Ariel, you are the most adorable girl in this neighborhood!” Then I shake in my tutu, and they all just eww and aww at me like I’m a movie star. Seriously, it’s the best day EVER. 

Evergreen Natural Pet: This has been great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this dog dish topic. We look forward to more riveting debates with you both. Canna-Chill, anyone? A great treat for all the dogs that go nuts when the doorbell rings. 

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