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Dog’s in Halloween

Do you ever wonder if dog’s in Halloween get excited ? Given the abundance of hilarious and adorable dog costumes, how could they not, right? Whether it’s a costume for the holidays or a winter jacket for your Hairless Chihuahua, dressing your pet has become a big business. If you reside in the dress-your-pooch camp, here are a few tips to help your pup get in the spirit. 

1. Are you planning to stroll the neighborhood or are you on designated door duty? Making sure your dog is comfortable moving around should be high on your list of costume considerations. 

2. What the heck? Just like your 2-year-old, your pet may react to costumes that are scary or intimidating. Be prepared to help ease their confusion by having a dress rehearsal. Introducing your and your pet’s costume to your dog beforehand may alleviate anxiety. 

3. Don’t force the issue. Sure, that SuperDog costume is hilarious, but costumes are not for every pup. Dogs can feel stressed out. Costumes that are tight-fitting may create the feeling of being dominated. They may freeze when put in a costume or do whatever it takes to disrobe. If you do plan to get all dressed up, consider a soft costume and avoid costumes that restrict vision.

4. Make it a family affair. Create a costume ensemble with your entire family. From nursery rhymes to Game of Thrones, there is always an opportunity for a group costume.

5. Have fun, and be safe. Just like for people, Halloween can be a busy time at Animal Urgent Care. Dogs who break into the candy stash may develop chocolate poisoning so be on the lookout for signs. Vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, increased urination, tremors, or seizures may occur 6-12 hours after consumption. Knowing how much and what type of chocolate is key. Just 1 ounce of milk chocolate may have serious consequences. Contact the Pet Poison Helpline for assistance: 

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